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Accel’s English Enrichment Program’s goals are to instruct, guide, and motivate students to become passionate about fulfilling their educational, personal and professional potential, and reaching their goals.

Accel recognizes the need for students to be able to read critically, and speak and write articulately, which are often wholly overlooked in high schools because of the remedial needs of many students. The students who have the ability to excel are thwarted.

A high school curriculum that teaches one novel a semester simply isn't giving these students enough. The most successful students are those who are well-read and actively involved in their education.

Accel High School English Enrichment:

  • Advanced English courses developed for grades 9 and 10 

  • Classes focus on developing the skills introduced in Intermediate-level classes.

    • Small classes are grouped by ability level to assure appropriate materials are being taught.

    • The main goal of these classes is to provide the academic skills necessary to do well on college entrance exams and in college classes.

  • Full-time teacher creates and constantly updates our curricula.

    • challenging reading assignments

    • abundant vocabulary practice

    • advanced grammar study

    • advanced composition work

    • opportunities to develop public speaking and research skills needed for their future work. 

Accel Academy is dedicated to serving families and communities by challenging and encouraging students to become productive and responsible contributors to society.

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