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Arrive Prepared for the SAT Test

With the latest CDC and PA guidelines, we are excited to announce that in-person instruction is back!

Different ways to study

24/7 Video


Sign up for our Video-On-Demand program to get instant access to a library of courses, lectures, and lesson materials. Take advantage of Accel Academy's extensive resources to boost your score—anytime, anywhere!

In-Person /


Our various SAT programs consist of personalized SAT instruction by our trained experts in  Math, Reading, and Writing. We've got all the latest tips, strategies, and tactics to help improve your score.  

Target Testing


Enroll in our testing class to gain access to full-length SAT tests with detailed solutions. All SAT problems are logged and tagged, so we can identify exactly which areas our students need to practice and improve on.

Your Curriculum

Our technology & analytics identify core areas of focus for individual improvement.

30+ Years of Experience

With over 30 years of experience developing SAT curricula and courses, Accel Academy's expert team knows all the tips, tricks, concepts, and SAT test-taking strategies.

30 years.png

Powerful Tools & Analysis

Trained in using the best tools, resources, and technology available, Accel Academy stays at the forefront of virtual education. We have partnered with leading tech companies to deliver the highest quality material, gather advanced analytics, and manage online classrooms. 

Personalized Instruction

Accel Academy's powerful student assessment process helps students identify core areas in which they need to improve. This process, combined with tech & analytics, is used to generate a curriculum tailored to the specific needs of our individual students.


Flexible Programs

Do you have a hectic schedule? Need to study on your own time? No problem, Accel Academy offers a selection of in-person, virtual, and

on-demand options. Choose from a variety of courses, that cater to your needs.


guarantee programs that will help you Achieve your goal Score

Need to hit a certain score? Enroll in one of our guarantee programs to ensure a score of at least 1500, or a 270-point improvement in your overall score! 



Looking for 1-on-1 Private Instruction?

Get more info here about our private tutoring services!

Have a question? Give us a call!

Call for a free consultation to help decide which program/course is best for you!

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