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On-line Essay Test Class

Something You Need to Know about The Essay Test

  • Scores (3 scores for 1 essay) are NOT part of the SAT score!!!

  • Two trained raters give essays scores on a scale of 1-4.

  • Students can score a total of 8 in each category (scores in each category are NOT combined)

          a. Reading Comprehension​

          b. Analysis

          c. Writing

  • The essay assignment tests students’ ability to comprehend the author’s article.

  • The essay assignment also tests students’ ability to analyze an author’s persuasive use of evidence, rhetoric, and structure.

  • Finally, the essay assignment tests students’ ability to compose an organized, fully developed, grammatically and stylistically correct essay.

This course covers everything you need to know to get a perfect score (8/8/8) on the SAT Essay. Lessons include the following:

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How best to prep for the SAT Essay Test even though the College Board says it can't be done.

The basics of the Essay: the instructions, prompt, and how it's scored.

How to get high scores in all categories: Reading, Analysis, and Writing.

Exactly how to analyze the passage and write about the author's rhetorical strategies with thoroughness and insight.

Core strategies

and essay


In addition, an Accel English teacher will work through an entire practice essay from start to finish so the student can see how to implement the strategies and steps to an 8/8/8.

  • Not all colleges and universities will require students to take the separate SAT Essay Test.

  • The College Board recommends checking with the educational institutions in which students are interested to find out specific testing requirements for each school.

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The program starts with an initial consultation and two to four essay instruction/lessons on campus.


online essay-2.png

Essay at

After the initial instruction on campus, the student receives 4 essays and answer sheets. After the student completes an essay at home, he sends it via email to Accel for analysis.


online essay-4.png


Essay analysis and scores will be emailed after the essay has been reviewed by an Accel English teacher. The student is then required to revise his essay and email it for a final review by the Accel teacher. This revision is extremely important for students to improve.


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