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Accel’s SAT classes are designed for those students who are seriously committed to improving their SAT scores in the most time and cost effective way.

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Accel SAT Overview

Before browsing Accel’s SAT programs, you should understand a few key words that describe the unique features which make Accel’s SAT classes stand out among those of all other SAT prep centers.

1. At Accel students register by semester to prepare for an upcoming SAT.

2. The length of each semester is 12 class meetings for a total of 90 hours of instruction, 7.5 hours a day (Math, Reading & Writing 2.5 hours each).

3. Students choose one of our 5 semesters to start their SAT preparation.

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Depending upon the gap between current and goal scores, students can choose the most effective SAT Program from the 5 customized programs Accel offers. If the gap is bigger than 200 points, we recommend enrolling in Accel’s Math, English, or Full Guarantee Program.

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1. Students are placed in different levels of class based upon their ability.  There are 4 different levels of class.  Each level is a full one-semester course.

2. Accel uses a step-up learning process; therefore, after completing one level, students can move up to higher levels as they work toward achieving their goal scores.

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1. Accel offers two tpyes of classes: Instructional SAT ClassTesting Classes.

2. Instructional SAT Class provides actual teaching in class. It will enable students to understand, recollect and apply the learned concepts and strategies when answering the actual SAT problems.

3. After completing the Instructional SAT Class, students will enter the final stage of preparation for the SAT test with Testing Classes so that they are 100% ready on test day.                                                                                                Click here for More Info

SAT SUCCESS IS NOT MAGIC. It’s the wonderful fruit of all the hard work between teachers and students!  For this reason, Accel has earned its reputation as the place “where passion and potential meet!” Accel’s commitment to the whole student is unmatched.  Combining our passion for teaching with the students’ potential for learning makes students’ SAT scores soar!

If you are really serious about the SAT, JOIN US NOW!

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