Learning Process

Students are placed in different levels of classes based on their SAT/PSAT scores.

LEVELS: Step-Up learning process

After registration, students either take a placement test or submit official PSAT/SAT scores.

Students will be placed in different levels of classes based on the scores.

  • Students who scored above 670 in either subject on an Official PSAT or SAT do not need to take the placement test.  They will be placed in Level 3 (Advanced Level).

  • Students who scored lower than 670 in either subject may take the placement test or use the official score for placement.  

  • Students who do not have official SAT/PSAT scores must come in and take the placement test.

Level Change: The placement test is given only once; however, students may change levels later during the semester.

There are 4 different levels of class.

  1. Intro. Level:        below 500

  2. Level 1:              500-550

  3. Level 2:              560-660

  4. Level 3:              670 +

Each level is a full one-semester course.

  • Active participation is promoted because students feel comfortable and confident in class.​

  • An interactive classroom experience makes students more receptive to learning.

  • After completing one level, students can move up to higher levels to achieve their goal scores.

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