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College Application Essay

Are you having trouble with your college application essay?

College Application Essay.png

Accel’s experienced, professional English teachers can give you the help you need to finish that daunting college application essay!


First, you will meet with one of our expert teachers who will review the essay topic assignment with you.


Then, the teacher will elicit ideas from you by brainstorming and free writing.


You will write the introduction with a thesis before you leave the teacher.


Next, you can get started writing the first draft of your essay.


The teacher will review your draft and make corrections to it and provide feedback on how to improve it.


Finally, you will revise your essay, and the teacher will review it as many times as necessary until you are both satisfied with the finished product.


If you don’t need help with the first 4 steps, you can simply submit your rough drafts for review and revision!

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