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Standard Program

Enrich your SAT test taking skills with our Core SAT program


  • Full-length REAL SAT Test for Placement upon enrollment

  • 4 Full-length SAT practice tests (2 REAL SAT tests)

  • Q&A Review of SAT practice tests


​Recommended for:

  • Students who need to improve 150 points or fewer

  • Students who don’t need a lengthy guarantee program

1 Semester

12 class meeting for each subject

72 total instruction hours


  • Must have completed Algebra 2

Starting at

Comprehensive Instruction

  • Lectures on math and grammar concepts

  • In-class practice with math and grammar concepts

  • Lectures on Reading comprehension strategies and practice

  • Vocabulary Homework, Review and quizzes

  • Math Homework, Review and quizzes

  • Grammar Homework and Review

  • Reading, Writing, and Math SAT Homework and Review

  • Homework Corrections

  • In-class SAT tests and Review

Additional Services

  • There are no additional services for this program

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