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Accel Academy’s math and English Middle School Enrichment Program helps students stay ahead and achieve the highest grades in their school classes.

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Building on

the basics taught by



Filling in the gaps schools leave

Providing the foundation for students to take the next step to higher achievement

Differences between Middle School & Elementary School:

  • Students entering middle school are going to be encountering much harder work than they did in elementary school. 

  • They are now also expected to work much more independently.

It is crucial that middle school students develop proper learning habits and a strong work ethic before they get overwhelmed.


  • Each year, school students are placed in tracks according to their academic performance the previous year.

  • Students without good study habits may fall behind and get placed in a lower track than they should be.

  • If students work hard, they can be placed in a higher, more appropriate track the following year.

  • If students are already in the appropriate track, they need to maintain their high level of performance.

  • Four semesters per year: fall, winter, spring, and summer.

  • Fall, winter, and spring semesters run for twelve weeks with classes offered once a week on Saturdays.

  • Summer semester runs for six weeks, with students coming twice a week.

  • Math and English classes run for two and a half hours each.

Enrichment Semester

Students have the option of enrolling in one or both subjects.

General Math, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Algebraic & Geometic Concepts, Equation, Applications

Math Focus

Communication Skills

Vocabulary, Grammar,

Composition, Study Skills

English Focus

If students do not do anything to ensure they are in the proper track at this point in their education, they will not get the most from their high school opportunities and the rest of their education will suffer. They will not get the level of instruction and education they deserve and are capable of achieving.


It is also very important that parents take active rolls in their children’s education and stay abreast of their progress. Accel works with parents and students to synthesize a healthy parent-teacher-student relationship and learning experience.

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