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Accel SAT Classes

Accel offers 2 types of classes, Instructional Classes & Testing Classes

Testing Classes

  • Final stage of preparation right before the official SAT Test​

  • Recommended after completion of Instructional SAT Class

  • No lectures or homework​

  • Perfecting skills by taking full SATs each class, followed by review and targeted practice.

  • Can be taken online or on-campus.

Who Needs Testing Classes?

EVERYONE!!  These classes are the final opportunity for students to polish their skills and perfect their scores before the official test.

Testing Classes Schedule

Instructional Classes

Most students take this type of class when they start SAT

preparation. Instructional

Classes offer 12 days of

comprehensive teaching of

concepts and strategies for

a total of at least 72 hours.

In Class

  • 1/3 Lecture

  • 1/3 Class work Practice & Homework Review

  • 1/3 Testing & Review


  • Study & Practice is completed using an online learning platform.

  • Corrections & Analysis of incorrectly answered problems via Explanation video from online learning platform

Who Needs Instructional Classes?

  • ALL STUDENTS are encouraged to take at least one semester of instructional classes, even if they are already scoring above 670. 

  • Instructional classes are also extremely necessary for students scoring below 650 because they need to build their foundational skills.  These students must be taught through lectures.  Just taking tests and solving problems will not help these students reach their maximum potential and hit their highest scores.

  • 5 classes before August SAT

  • 4 classes in Sept. for October SAT

  • 4 classes in Oct. before November SAT

  • 4 classes in Nov. before December SAT

  • 4 classes in Feb. before March SAT

  • 4 classes in March before May SAT

  • 4 classes in April before May SAT

  • 4 classes in May before for June SAT

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