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Math Guarantee Program

Get all-around instruction with an added focus on Math.

Guaranteed Results


  • For students scoring LOWER than 670 in MATH and HIGHER than 670 in ENGLISH

  • For students who need to spend more time strengthening their foundational skills in math

1 Semester of Math only

1 Semester of Math, Reading, and Writing

165+ hours of instruction & testing


  • Must have starting score of 500 or better in Math and 670 or better in English

  • Must have completed Algebra 2

  • Student must take the first official SAT test offered and report their scores. **

 Comprehensive Instruction

First Semester:

  • Lectures on math concepts

  • In-class practice with math concepts

  • Math Homework, quizzes, review, and corrections

  • In-class real SAT tests and Review

Second semester:

  • Lectures and in-class practice on math concepts

  • Lectures on reading comprehension strategies, grammar concepts, and practice

  • Vocabulary homework, review and quizzes

  • Math homework, review and quizzes

  • Reading, Writing, and Math SAT homework review and corrections

  • In-class real SAT tests and review


  • Full-length REAL SAT Test for Placement upon enrollment

  • 8 Full-length SAT practice tests (4 REAL SAT tests)

  • Q&A Review of SAT practice tests

  • 4-5 Testing Classes before EACH Official SAT student takes (Full-length SATs & Review)

  • SAT Essay Test instruction (summer classes & private tutoring school-year)

Additional Services

  • Guaranteed Score of at least 1500 or 270 point improvement

  • FREE, UNLIMITED classes after completing the course if necessary to achieve goal score

**If student does not score 1500 or see a 270 point improvement, the student can take free classes until guarantee is reached. There is no refund in the case the student does not achieve his or her goal score

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