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In addition to the instructional SAT lecture in class, Accel Academy offers the most online support available at any SAT prep center through Moodle.


All Math, Reading, and Writing Lectures as well as Vocabulary Lessons are pre-recorded in  Moodle so that students can view lectures at any time during their enrollment. Students can view these lectures as a preview, review, or make-up lesson.


  • All Math and English homework can be completed online using the learning platform called Moodle. ​

  • This method is extremely effective for mastery and improvement because students can find out which items they got wrong IMMEDIATELY. 

  • A solution and explanation video is attached to each problem for full understanding.  Students don’t have to wait until they go to class to get feedback.

Quizzes & SAT TESTS

  • Quizzes with recorded solutions are also available in Moodle to take, grade, and correct online.

  • All SAT Tests that are administered during the Testing Classes are available to be taken online.

  • Detailed explanations are recorded for each SAT item so that students can follow the link to the particular items they answered incorrectly, listen to the solutions, and do the corrections.

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