5 Customized SAT programs

On-line Testing Program

Guarantee Programs

  • 30+ full length SAT tests

  • Detailed solution

  • No extra consultation

  • No score guarantee

  • Recommended for students who are scoring at least 670 in both English and Math

  • Multi-semester Step-up program

  • Unlimited free classes

  • Targeted Practice via analysis and evaluation of October, March & May SAT

  • Guarantee 270 points improvement or score 1500

*G stands for Guarantee

Find Your Program

Group 1

Strong Foundation

Needs 1 Semester

Group 2

Weak Foundation

Needs 2 or more Semesters

If your Math or English PSAT/placement score is above 670, you belong to GROUP 1; you only need to study 1 semester to score over 750 in that subject.

If your Math or English PSAT/placement score is under 650, you belong to GROUP 2; you need to study 2 or more semesters to achieve 750 and above in that subject.

Math & English

both below 650

Math above 670  Eng. below 650

Open to any staring score

Math below 650  Eng. above 670

Open to any staring score

Strongly Recommended for Math & Eng.

both above 670

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Hours of Operation

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