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Accel Academy instructs, guides, and motivates students to fulfill their potential and exceed their individual goals. The Academy has been dedicated to serving families and communities by challenging and encouraging students to be productive and responsible contributors to society since 1988.  It is Accel’s goal not to only strengthen the academic skills of our students, but also to motivate students to set higher standards for themselves both academically and personally. 

By providing a competitive yet nurturing environment, we encourage students to strive for success.  After finishing our programs, students will be better equipped with the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in college and in their future careers.  Accel stresses the importance of dedication, maturity, responsibility, ambition, creativity, and mastery.

Accel continues to offer excellent academic services to prospective students who have a dream to continue to succeed in their education in the USA.

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"Having heard great reviews from my cousin, who credited her 2370 SAT score to the training she received at Accel, I decided to enroll in Accel Academy.  After the I completed the program, my entire view of the SAT changed. I knew the test like the back of my hand! I wasn't nervous at all! My scores stayed consistently in the 2200s, and I finally overcame the wall that was holding my scores back.  The effectiveness of the teachers at Accel is unparalleled." 


A Message From Our Principal:

To the Leaders of the next generation,

The world is constantly changing fast! It seems every second is important as time progresses. We all have very important goals to pursue. However, we all have to take the time to make our futures successful. If you lose your health, you can recuperate. If you lose your fortune, you can regain it. Even if you lose your sweetheart, you can find another. However, once you lose time, you can never get it back. Whether you are going to be the person you want to be or not depends upon how you use your time right now. Set your goal high and make the most of every opportunity to accomplish your goal by investing your time wisely.


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